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Beluga whale bull

Beluga whale bull

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Beluga whale bull

Beluga whale (or white whale, Delphinapterus leucas) bull. In summer, belugas migrate into river estuaries, where they moult. The whales yellowish skin colour in this picture is typical of moulting adults. Belugas are normally a creamy white. Their skin is 100 times thicker than a human s, mainly for insulation. To encourage shedding of the old skin, they roll on the river bottom to rub against rocks and mud. Belugas inhabit the Arctic coastal waters of Europe, Asia and North America. They live in pods (groups) of 20-200. They dive to the seabed to feed on bottom- dwelling fish and invertebrates. Photographed in July in Cunningham Inlet, Canadian Arctic

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Arctic Bull Canada Canadian Carnivore Carnivorous Cetacean Delphinapterus Leucas Estuary Fish Eater Fish Eating July Mammal Migrant Migratory Moulting Piscivore Piscivorous Rolling Beluga Whale Shedding Skin

This print showcases a magnificent Beluga whale bull in all its glory. The image captures the essence of summer, as these incredible creatures migrate into river estuaries for their annual moult. The yellowish hue of the beluga's skin, seen here due to moulting, is a unique characteristic of adult individuals during this process. Typically known for their creamy white appearance, belugas possess an incredibly thick skin that is 100 times thicker than our own, primarily serving as insulation against the frigid Arctic waters they call home. In order to shed their old skin and facilitate the growth of new layers, these intelligent mammals engage in a fascinating behavior - rolling on the river bottom to rub against rocks and mud. This natural exfoliation technique encourages the shedding process and ensures optimal health for these remarkable creatures. Belugas are social animals that form pods ranging from 20 to 200 individuals. They dive deep into the seabed to feast on bottom-dwelling fish and invertebrates, showcasing their carnivorous nature. This particular photograph was taken in July at Cunningham Inlet within the Canadian Arctic region – a testament to their migratory habits. With its striking presence and captivating details, this print truly encapsulates the beauty and wonder of these majestic marine beings living harmoniously with nature in one of Earth's most extreme environments.

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