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Emerald gemstone. Emeralds are a green variety of the mineral beryl

Emerald gemstone. Emeralds are a green variety of the mineral beryl

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Emerald gemstone. Emeralds are a green variety of the mineral beryl

Emerald gemstone. Emeralds are a green variety of the mineral beryl (beryllium aluminium silicate), which get their colour from traces of chromium and iron. Unlike other beryls, emeralds often contain inclusions and other flaws. Uniquely among gems, these flaws are considered part of the emeralds character and add to its value. This emerald was found in 1990 in the Malyshevsky emerald deposit, the Urals, Russia

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1900s 1990 Analysing Beryl Beryllium Aluminium Silicate Commonwealth Of Independent Earth Science Emerald Gem Stone Geological Hand Magnifying Glass Mineralogy Polished Russia Soviet Union States Stone Urals Uss R

This print showcases a mesmerizing Emerald gemstone, known for its striking green hue. A member of the beryl mineral family, emeralds derive their color from traces of chromium and iron. What sets them apart from other beryls is their tendency to contain inclusions and flaws. Surprisingly, these imperfections are highly regarded as they contribute to the unique character and increased value of the emerald. Discovered in 1990 at the Malyshevsky emerald deposit in the Urals region of Russia, this particular emerald holds a significant place in geological history. The hand-cut stone has been meticulously polished to reveal its true brilliance and allure. As we examine it closely through a magnifying glass, we can appreciate every intricate detail that nature has bestowed upon it. This photograph not only captures the beauty of this single emerald but also symbolizes our fascination with Earth's treasures hidden beneath its surface. It represents decades of scientific research and analysis conducted by experts in mineralogy and geology. Displayed proudly by Science Photo Library, this image serves as a reminder that even within the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) during the 20th century Soviet Union era, remarkable gems like this were discovered – showcasing both natural wonders and human ingenuity intertwined harmoniously. Let us marvel at this extraordinary piece created by Mother Nature herself while appreciating humankind's dedication to unraveling Earth's mysteries through earth science exploration.

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