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Mascagni artwork of human brain

Mascagni artwork of human brain

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Mascagni artwork of human brain

Human Brain. Computer-enhanced historical artwork of the human brain. The bottom of the brain is seen here with the forebrain at top of image. At centre a cross represents the branching arteries at the base of the brain. This is where the carotid artery, which supplies blood to the head, initially divides. Below this, the pons & brain- stem control vital functions such as breathing. The large, folded cerebrum makes up 70% of the brain and is where conscious thought takes place. At bottom is the cerebellum, which coordinates muscle action & posture. The brain receives about 20% of the hearts output of blood. Drawing by the Italian anatomist Paolo Mascagni (1755-1815)

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This print showcases the intricate and complex beauty of the human brain, as depicted in a computer-enhanced historical artwork by Paolo Mascagni. The image highlights the bottom view of the brain, with the forebrain positioned at the top. A prominent cross symbolizes the branching arteries at its base, where the carotid artery initially divides to supply blood to our head. Beneath this crucial junction lies the pons and brainstem, responsible for controlling vital functions like breathing. Dominating 70% of this remarkable organ is the large and intricately folded cerebrum, which serves as a hub for conscious thought processes. At its lowermost part rests the cerebellum, playing a pivotal role in coordinating muscle actions and maintaining posture. The significance of this masterpiece extends beyond aesthetics; it reminds us that our brains receive approximately 20% of our heart's blood output – an astonishing fact highlighting their immense energy demands. This artwork not only offers a glimpse into our body's central nervous system but also pays homage to Mascagni's expertise as an Italian anatomist from centuries past. Science Photo Library has expertly captured this mesmerizing piece that seamlessly combines artistry with scientific accuracy. It invites viewers to marvel at both its visual appeal and profound insight into one of nature's most extraordinary creations: our own brains.

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