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Jesus Talks

Jesus Talks

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Jesus Talks

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© Kelly Redinger / Design Pics

30 34 Years 30 35 Years 30 39 Years Adults Alberta Angel Angelic Appearance Arms Belief Canadian Badlands Passion Play Caucasian Caucasian Ancestry Caucasian Ethnicity Caucasians Christ Christian Christianity Christians Christmas Death Deliver Deliverance Drama Dream Drumheller Easter Energy Expression Expressive Faith Faithful Favor Favour Glory Gospel Hands Heaven Holiness Holy Hope Illuminate Illumination Inspiration Intercede Intercession Intervention Jesus Jesus Christ Jesus Of Nazareth Jewish Lord Lord Jesus Male Males Message Messiah Mid Adult Mid Adult Man Mid Adult Men Mid Adults Ministry Miracle Miraculous Mood Moody One Person One Person Only Outstretched Outstretched Arms Passion Peace Play Power Praise Pray Prayer Pure Purity Quiet Raised Religion Religions Religious Resurrection Revelation Revival Robe Robes Savior Saviour Silence Son Of God Spiritual Spirituality Stillness Storm Stormy Talk Theology Thirties Trust Vision Worship


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In this print titled "Jesus Talks" captured by talented photographer Kelly Redinger, we are transported to the beautiful landscapes of Alberta. The weather is stormy and moody, reflecting the turbulent emotions that often accompany our human existence. However, amidst the chaos, a Caucasian man stands outdoors with outstretched arms in an expression of peace and trust. The image illuminates a sense of stillness and silence as if time has momentarily frozen. It evokes feelings of inspiration, hope, and a deep connection to something greater than ourselves. This powerful portrayal invites us to contemplate our own faith and spirituality. With hands raised towards the heavens, this man's passionate prayer seems like an intercession for divine intervention or miraculous favor. His pure expression reflects his unwavering belief in Jesus Christ as he seeks guidance and solace during challenging times. The dramatic skies serve as a backdrop for an angelic message from above while emphasizing the importance of ministry and spreading the gospel. The figure's robe symbolizes holiness while also alluding to Easter resurrection themes. "Jesus Talks" is not just a photograph; it is an invitation to experience profound moments of revelation, deliverance, revival, and ultimately find peace through faith in Jesus Christ – the Son of God who offers hope even in our darkest hours.

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