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Coombe can be found in Cornwall, England, United Kingdom in Europe

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Trevaunance Coombe with steamworks in foreground below Wheal Friendly, St Agnes, Cornwall. Early 1900s Featured Coombe Print

Trevaunance Coombe with steamworks in foreground below Wheal Friendly, St Agnes, Cornwall. Early 1900s

Viewed from above Peterville. A buddle, an apparatus by which the stamped tin is washed from its impurities, is pictured in the foreground. There are various contrivances in use - "Brunton's frame, the round buddle, Zenner's rotating buddle, etc..." from Symons, R. Gazetteer of the County of Cornwall, 1884. A Jays Series postcard of the image was sent on 1st April 1904. Photographer: Arthur William Jordan

© From the collection of the RIC

Elmbridge KT14 7 Map Featured Coombe Print

Elmbridge KT14 7 Map

Postcode Sector Map of Elmbridge KT14 7

Abbot Close, Aragon Walk, Barnato Close, Barnes Wallis Drive, Beech Close, Berrys Lane, Binfield Close, Binfield Road, Black Prince Close, Brewery Lane, Bridge Close, Bruce Close, Byfleet, Caillard Road, Campbell Close, Canada Road, Catherine Close, Celtic Road, Chertsey Road, Church Road, Chuters Close, Circle Gardens, Clock House Close, Coombe Way, Cornwall Avenue, Dawson Road, Derisley Close, Digby Way, Dorset Way, Dunfee Way, Eden Grove Road, Edward Ii Avenue, Elmbridge, Elmtree Close, Farm Close, Ferney Court, Ferney Road, Foxlake Road, Fullerton Close, Fullerton Drive, Fullerton Road, Fullerton Way, Gaveston Close, Glebe Gardens, Godley Road, Granville Close, Grasmere Way, Green Lane, Green Lane Close, Hart Road, High Road, Hopfield Avenue, Kings Avenue, Kings Head Lane, Kt14, Kt14 7aa, Kt14 7ab, Kt14 7ad, Kt14 7ae, Kt14 7af, Kt14 7ag, Kt14 7ah, Kt14 7aj, Kt14 7al, Kt14 7an, Kt14 7ap, Kt14 7aq, Kt14 7ar, Kt14 7as, Kt14 7at, Kt14 7au, Kt14 7aw, Kt14 7ax, Kt14 7ay, Kt14 7ba, Kt14 7bb, Kt14 7be, Kt14 7bp, Kt14 7bq, Kt14 7bs, Kt14 7bt, Kt14 7bu, Kt14 7bw, Kt14 7bx, Kt14 7by, Kt14 7bz, Kt14 7da, Kt14 7db, Kt14 7dd, Kt14 7de, Kt14 7df, Kt14 7dg, Kt14 7dh, Kt14 7dj, Kt14 7dl, Kt14 7dn, Kt14 7dp, Kt14 7dq, Kt14 7dr, Kt14 7ds, Kt14 7du, Kt14 7dw, Kt14 7ed, Kt14 7ee, Kt14 7ef, Kt14 7eg, Kt14 7eh, Kt14 7ej, Kt14 7el, Kt14 7en, Kt14 7ep, Kt14 7eq, Kt14 7er, Kt14 7es, Kt14 7et, Kt14 7eu, Kt14 7ew, Kt14 7ex, Kt14 7ey, Kt14 7ez, Kt14 7fe, Kt14 7fg, Kt14 7fh, Kt14 7fj, Kt14 7ga, Kt14 7gn, Kt14 7ha, Kt14 7hb, Kt14 7hd, Kt14 7he, Kt14 7hh, Kt14 7hj, Kt14 7hn, Kt14 7hp, Kt14 7hr, Kt14 7hs, Kt14 7ht, Kt14 7hu, Kt14 7hw, Kt14 7hx, Kt14 7hy, Kt14 7hz, Kt14 7ja, Kt14 7jb, Kt14 7jd, Kt14 7je, Kt14 7jf, Kt14 7jg, Kt14 7jh, Kt14 7jj, Kt14 7jl, Kt14 7jn, Kt14 7jq, Kt14 7jt, Kt14 7ju, Kt14 7jw, Kt14 7jx, Kt14 7jz, Kt14 7lb, Kt14 7ld, Kt14 7lf, Kt14 7ll, Kt14 7ln, Kt14 7lr, Kt14 7ls, Kt14 7lt, Kt14 7lu, Kt14 7lw, Kt14 7lx, Kt14 7ly, Kt14 7lz, Kt14 7na, Kt14 7nd, Kt14 7ne, Kt14 7nf, Kt14 7ng, Kt14 7nh, Kt14 7nj, Kt14 7nl, Kt14 7nn, Kt14 7np, Kt14 7nq, Kt14 7nr, Kt14 7nt, Kt14 7ny, Kt14 7pd, Kt14 7pe, Kt14 7pf, Kt14 7pg, Kt14 7ph, Kt14 7pj, Kt14 7pl, Kt14 7pn, Kt14 7pp, Kt14 7pq, Kt14 7pr, Kt14 7ps, Kt14 7pt, Kt14 7pu, Kt14 7pw, Kt14 7px, Kt14 7py, Kt14 7qa, Kt14 7qb, Kt14 7qd, Kt14 7qe, Kt14 7qf, Kt14 7qg, Kt14 7qh, Kt14 7ql, Kt14 7qn, Kt14 7qp, Kt14 7qs, Kt14 7qt, Kt14 7qw, Kt14 7qx, Kt14 7qy, Kt14 7qz, Kt14 7ra, Kt14 7rb, Kt14 7rd, Kt14 7re, Kt14 7rg, Kt14 7rh, Kt14 7rj, Kt14 7rl, Kt14 7rp, Kt14 7rq, Kt14 7rr, Kt14 7rs, Kt14 7rt, Kt14 7rw, Kt14 7rx, Kt14 7ry, Kt14 7rz, Kt14 7sf, Kt14 7sj, Kt14 7sp, Kt14 7sr, Kt14 7ss, Kt14 7st, Kt14 7su, Kt14 7sx, Kt14 7sy, Kt14 7sz, Kt14 7ta, Kt14 7tb, Kt14 7td, Kt14 7te, Kt14 7tf, Kt14 7tg, Kt14 7tq, Kt14 7ye, Kt14 7yx, Lake Close, Leybourne Avenue, Leybourne Close, Loxley Close, Magdalen Close, Magdalen Crescent, Manor Crescent, Mill Lane, Millmead, Mowbray Avenue, Murrays Lane, Old Orchard, Old Parvis Road, Oyster Lane, Park Close, Parvis Road, Petersham Avenue, Petersham Close, Queens Avenue, Rectory Close, Rectory Lane, Rivermead, Royston Avenue, Royston Road, Rutson Road, Sanway Close, Sanway Road, Sopwith Drive, Spence Avenue, Stream Close, Studland Road, Summer Close, Tewkesbury Close, The Cedars, The Maltings, The Willows, Ulwin Avenue, Viscount Gardens, Wakefield Close, Walnut Tree Lane, Weybarton, Weyside Close, Willow Way, Winern Glebe, Wintersells Road, York Close, York Road