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Dried annatto seeds

Dried annatto seeds

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Dried annatto seeds

Dried anatto seeds. These are the seeds of the annatto plant, Bixa orellana, which are used in herbal medicine. The plant is widely cultivated in tropical regions. A cold infusion of the seeds can be used in traditional remedies to clear the airways by promoting coughing. Many people have an allergic reaction to the herb, which has a strong diuretic (increased urine production) effect. The annatto seed paste is widely used as a yellow or orange food colouring

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Alternative Bitter Complementary Coughing Culinary Dried Expectorant Food Colouring Herbal Medicine Herbal Treatment Medicinal Medicinal Herbs Prepared Purgative Remedy S Eed Seed Spice Spices Therapeutic Therapy Treatment Achiote Annatto Bixa Orellana Colorant Health Care

This print showcases the dried annatto seeds, derived from the annatto plant (Bixa orellana), which hold significant value in herbal medicine. Widely cultivated in tropical regions, these seeds are an integral part of traditional remedies aimed at promoting coughing and clearing airways through a cold infusion. However, caution is advised as many individuals may experience allergic reactions due to its potent diuretic properties. Beyond its medicinal applications, the annatto seed paste finds extensive use as a natural food colorant, imparting vibrant yellow or orange hues to culinary creations. This botanical wonder serves as a versatile spice with multiple benefits for both health and aesthetics. The image beautifully captures the essence of this bitter yet therapeutic seed - dried and prepared for various uses in alternative medicine. Its significance lies not only in its purgative and expectorant qualities but also in being a complementary treatment option within herbal medicine. With its rich history rooted in ancient healing practices, this humble seed continues to be cherished for its unique properties by those seeking natural remedies. The Science Photo Library has masterfully captured the essence of this remarkable botanical treasure that holds immense potential within our world of wellness and coloration without mentioning any commercial use associated with it.

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