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Voyager 2 approaching Solar system

Voyager 2 approaching Solar system

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Voyager 2 approaching Solar system

Twelve years after launch, Voyager 2 approaches its last port of call in the Solar System, the planet Neptune, in this artwork by Julian Baum. Targeted for a flyby of the planets north pole on 24/Aug/89, Voyager will then descend sharply to rendezvous with the Neptunes giant moon, Triton. Neptune is the fourth largest planet in the Solar System and the outermost of the four great gas giants. Its atmosphere consists mainly of hydrogen and helium, but visual observations reveal a faint bluish tinge which may indicate the presence of a thick cloud layer which scatters blue light in much the same way as Earths atmosphere does

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Exploration Interstellar Mission Neptune Planetary Space Art Space Craft Voyager Voyager 2

This artwork by Julian Baum depicts the momentous occasion when Voyager 2, after a twelve-year journey through the depths of space, finally approaches its last destination within our Solar System: Neptune. As this interstellar mission reaches its climax, the spacecraft is poised to conduct a flyby of Neptune's north pole on August 24th, 1989. However, Voyager 2's adventure doesn't end there; it will then make a daring descent to rendezvous with Triton, Neptune's colossal moon. Neptune, being the fourth largest planet in our Solar System and one of the four gas giants that reside on its outer fringes, presents an awe-inspiring sight. Its atmosphere primarily consists of hydrogen and helium but possesses a subtle bluish hue that hints at the presence of thick cloud layers scattering blue light much like Earth's own atmosphere does. This remarkable print from Science Photo Library showcases not only humanity's relentless pursuit of knowledge through research and exploration but also highlights the incredible capabilities of Voyager 2 as it embarks on this groundbreaking mission. It serves as a testament to mankind's insatiable curiosity about distant worlds and our unyielding desire to uncover the mysteries that lie beyond our home planet.

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