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Brain, historical artwork. The top drawing shows the brain cut in-between its hemispheres

Brain, historical artwork. The top drawing shows the brain cut in-between its hemispheres

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Brain, historical artwork. The top drawing shows the brain cut in-between its hemispheres

Brain, historical artwork. The top drawing shows the brain cut in-between its hemispheres. The front of the brain is on the left. The cerebrum (brown) is the largest and most developed part of the brain, it is responsible for intelligence, language, movement and memory. The cerebellum is at lower right (brown and white), it co-ordinates muscles and balance. The brainstem is at lower centre (white), it controls automatic functions, such as breathing. The brain stem is separated from the cerebrum by the corpus callosum (white, centre). The bottom diagram shows a large bundle of nerve fibres (fasciculi) entering the cerebrum from the brainstem

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Brain Stem Bundle Cerebellum Cerebrum Corpus Callosum Cross Section Fibre Fibres Hemisphere Historic Longitudinal Nerve Nerves Brain Neurological Neurology Section Sectioned

This print showcases a historical artwork of the brain, providing us with an intricate view of its internal structure. The top drawing reveals a cross-section of the brain, precisely dissected between its hemispheres. On the left side, we observe the front portion known as the cerebrum, distinguished by its rich brown coloration. This remarkable region is responsible for our intelligence, language skills, movement coordination, and memory functions. Moving towards the lower right corner of the image, we encounter another significant component called the cerebellum. Its distinctive brown and white appearance signifies its role in harmonizing muscle movements and maintaining balance within our bodies. Positioned at the lower center is the brainstem depicted in white hues; it governs automatic bodily functions such as breathing. Separating these vital sections from each other lies an essential structure called corpus callosum portrayed in bright white at the center. It acts as a bridge connecting both hemispheres and facilitating communication between them. The bottom diagram offers further insight into this complex organ by illustrating a large bundle of nerve fibers (fasciculi) entering into the cerebrum from the brainstem. This mesmerizing piece of historical art not only highlights various anatomical features but also serves as a testament to humanity's fascination with understanding our own biology throughout history.

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