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Lung lesions, CT scan

Lung lesions, CT scan

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Lung lesions, CT scan

Lung lesion. Coloured frontal computed tomography (CT) scan of a woman with Wegeners granulomatosis, showing cavitating (cavity forming) lesions (left, orange) in the lungs (black). Wegeners granulomatosis is a form of vasculitis (inflammation of blood vessel walls) that affects the lungs and other organs. Due to its end-organ damage, it can be a serious disease that requires long-term immune suppression as treatment. In this case the disease has formed rounded masses in the lungs, which necrotise (die unnaturally) internally. This shows on the CT scan as fluid levels on the inside of the lesions

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This print showcases a coloured frontal computed tomography (CT) scan of a woman suffering from Wegeners granulomatosis, an inflammatory condition that primarily affects blood vessel walls in the lungs and other organs. The image reveals cavitating lesions, depicted in orange, within the black backdrop of her lungs. These rounded masses have undergone necrosis internally, resulting in fluid levels visible on the CT scan. Wegeners granulomatosis can be a severe disease with significant end-organ damage, necessitating long-term immune suppression for treatment. This particular case highlights the impact of this disorder on the patient's respiratory system, as it has formed abnormal cavities within her lungs. The intricate details captured by this medical imaging technique provide valuable insights into the extent of lung involvement caused by vasculitis. The false-coloured representation adds depth to our understanding of this complex biological phenomenon occurring within the human body. By utilizing advanced technology such as an X-ray machine and CT scanner, healthcare professionals can accurately diagnose and monitor conditions like Wegeners granulomatosis. This powerful visual aid not only aids in scientific research but also serves as a reminder of how crucial early detection and appropriate medical intervention are for individuals affected by similar diseases. This remarkable photograph is courtesy of Science Photo Library and offers viewers a glimpse into the world of medicine while showcasing both its beauty and challenges simultaneously.

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